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Extruder Cooling Methods

The extrusion line is a multi-component set of equipment for the production of long polymer products - pipes, cables, hoses, films, panels, etc. The principle of operation is simple. Molten raw materials - PVC, PA, PE - pass through forming shafts that give the desired configuration to the product, then it is stretched to the required length, cooled and cut. Global Refrigeration & Equipments is the best extruder chiller supplier in Delhi.

The quality of polymers directly depends not only on the power of the extruder and the composition of the raw materials, but also on compliance with the manufacturing technology. It provides for the cooling of the calibrating device during the manufacturing process and the final product, for which chillers are used. Their parameters are calculated depending on the power of the extrusion line and recommendations on the temperature of raw materials, finished products and the forming mechanism.

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Cooling methods

The cooling unit provides cooling of the forming devices and finished products. Maintenance of the characteristics provided by technology is provided by means of heat exchange of water with refrigerant.

Closed caliber cooling circuit

Calibrating shafts must have a strictly defined temperature. Hot raw materials, falling on them, transfer their heat to them. To avoid overheating and to meet technological requirements, the shafts are cooled by water circulation in their internal cavities in a closed circuit.

The water cooler provides the required temperature in it. Its cooling capacity is calculated based on the capacity of the equipment (the volume of processing of raw materials per hour). Maintaining a constant working environment guarantees the ideal geometry of the final product and optimal performance of the forming mechanism. This method is used in the production of film, linoleum, polymeric materials, etc.

Immersion in a cold bath

To harden polymers and impart desired performance properties after molding, they are immersed in a container with cold water. Cooling baths are a mandatory part of extrusion plants for the production of profiled polymers - skirting boards, PVC profiles, cable ducts, etc. Water is already supplied to them at about 15 째 C.

Since the temperature of the hot product is about 200 째C , an intermediate tank (cold water accumulator) is provided in the cooling tank to maintain a constant medium. Waste water is drained into it and returned to the cooler by means of a pump. Thus, regardless of the capacity of the extrusion line, the parameters of the cooling bath are maintained at a constant level.

The chiller is calculated taking into account the temperature difference between the incoming and outgoing chilled water. The hotter the inlet liquid, the more powerful the refrigeration unit will be needed.

Maintenance of refrigeration units for extruders

How regularly and professionally maintenance of chillers for extruders is carried out directly affects their performance. The task of the water cooler is to provide the set temperature of the forming mechanisms and the finished product. In this regard, regular flushing of heat exchangers, checking the technical parameters of all elements should be given special attention. Clogging and rust can cause performance degradation, extrusion efficiency and product quality. Maintenance of water coolers for extruders requires high professionalism, knowledge of the features of the operation of not only a cooling unit, but also polymer manufacturing technology.