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We focus on providing various industrial chillers to meet the different needs of our valued customers. So far, knowing that process cooling applications are different and what standard systems offer, we have gained a lot of experience on how one chiller differs from another. It is impossible to perform all the processes. Failure to observe this precaution may compromise the basic installation requirements and objectives of these chillers.

The use of plastic coolers, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, gas liquefaction, oil cooling, concrete baths, etc. It is so unique that one application may not work well for another. This is where the expertise and experience of the chiller manufacturer determines whether they use a machine commissioned for a particular process or a machine built specifically for standard applications.

This experience is an advantage that can be gained by repeatedly supplementing it with practice in many similar projects, and Global has an advantage here, all with cooling requirements of +30째C to -50째C.

Our overall focus has always been on one product line, listening to our customers and reviewing the details of each project to learn and nearly complement different process cooling applications.

Discover the resources available worldwide and design and deliver the best custom solutions. Being able to take the lead and have the courage at the right time to produce the latest, most efficient, most important, most relevant and closest to expectation machine will help all.

Fluid Pressure 1.5 bar
Max RH 99%
Usage/Application Plastics, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Gas Liquefaction, Oil Cooling, Concrete Bathing
Temperature Range +30 Deg C to -40 Deg C
Country of Origin Made in India
Material Mild Steel
Cooling Capacity 15 TR
Brand Global