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Fully Automatic Water Coolers

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We are one of the reliable manufacturers of air coolers, which are compact and portable models. These chillers are fully automated and with high quality control, plate, shell and tube evaporators are used to provide cooling. This reliable, hassle-free unit includes single and dual compressors to save energy. We can also offer special low temperature designs based on your specific requirements.


  • Usable capacity: 2 TR to 300 TR
  • Flow rate: 20 ipm to 5000 lpm
  • Fluid pressure: from 1.5 bar to 8.5 bar


  • Factory made and tested for quality control
  • Single and dual compressors save energy
  • Easy to use microprocessor control panel
  • Eco-friendly freezing system that does not use CFCs
  • The chiller is fully automatic with high quality control
  • Plate and shell and tube evaporators provide rapid cooling
  • Reliable, durable and worry-free equipment
  • Hermetic and semi-hermetic compressors
  • Air-cooled forced draft condenser
  • Plate heat exchanger, coil, shell and tube radiator
  • High quality components and robust design