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Scroll Chiller

Scroll Chiller

A scroll chiller can be used in almost any industrial refrigeration application. Comparing it with analogues - for example, with a piston compressor, several advantages can be distinguished. Global Refrigeration & Equipment is the best Scroll Chiller supplier in Delhi.

Spiral models are characterized by compactness and low weight. The operation of the unit demonstrates high efficiency, low noise level and resistance to vibration. In operation, such compressors are reliable and durable. It should be noted such a feature as the absence of suction and discharge valves in spiral models. Global Refrigeration & Equipments is the best industrial chiller manufacturer in Delhi.

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The principle of operation of the scroll compressor

The two connected spiral chambers produce rarefaction and compression due to the rotation of the slave. This design can significantly reduce the vibration of the moving parts of the compressor.

Types of Scroll Refrigeration Compressor

Scroll compressors can be divided into different types depending on the design features and principle of operation.

  • One- and two-stage units.
  • Compressors with different types of spirals - piecewise-circular, involute, spiral and Archimedean spiral.
  • With a vertical or horizontal shaft. Depending on the modification, the layout of its location changes.
  • Hermetically sealed scroll compressor.
  • Semi-hermetic or sealless scroll compressor with split casing.
  • Open type stuffing box scroll compressor in unprotected design. It has a specific drive seal.
  • Oil filled compressor. Operating principle based on oil supply.
  • Dry Compression Compressor - Compression takes place inside the compressor in a dry manner.

Refrigeration Scroll Compressor Manufacturer.

The major brands that produce scroll refrigeration compressors are as follows:

copeland scroll compressors.

A popular brand with technical support centers in Europe, Asia and the United States. Copeland compressors have a proven track record of quality and reliability. Unique model with superior performance and efficiency levels. Among the entire range of compressors of this brand, the semi-hermetic type is the most popular. Can be used for both low and high boiling temperatures.

Danfoss scroll compressor

Famous Danish brand that does not require additional advertising. Thanks to cooperation with the American company Carrier, a significant breakthrough was achieved in the production of one- and two-stage, hermetic and other types of scroll compressors. Available in Danfoss Performer series.

Sanyo scroll compressor

The Japanese company, which produces a wide range of equipment, also manufactures scroll compressors for refrigeration machines. This brand specializes in spiral type hermetic and semi-hermetic models. The company is actively developing, every year increasing its presence in the international market.

Application of scroll compressors in chillers.

The use of scroll compressors in refrigeration units allows them to achieve high performance. Compared to screw models, spiral units are more economical to use. For example, when using a chiller with a screw compressor, the energy consumption is increased by 61–97% compared to the scroll counterpart.

When using an installation with several scroll compressors operating in parallel, turning off one of them leads to a change in the cooling capacity, which leads to a reduction in energy consumption. This principle differentiates scroll compressors from screw compressors. The long operating life and low noise level of scroll compressors give them a huge advantage over other types. Chillers with scroll compressors are used in small and medium capacity refrigeration units, as part of industrial and transport air conditioning systems. Qualified and regular maintenance will ensure their long trouble free operation.

Screw chillers Screw compressor systems

The refrigeration circuit has four main elements, without which normal uninterrupted operation is impossible. One of these components is the compressor. With its help, the movement of the refrigerant occurs. The compressor, acting on the refrigerant, compresses it, thereby maintaining the optimum operating pressure. The main area of application of chillers is air conditioning systems. Specific requirements apply to such equipment, so vibration during operation must be kept to a minimum. They are able to ensure quiet operation: centrifugal and scroll, rotary and screw compressors of chillers. Due to the design features, piston units are not able to maintain a low noise level and have a number of disadvantages:

  • Strong vibration and the need to install on a solid base.
  • Limited ability to adjust power.
  • Frequent breakdowns due to the structure and a large number of parts.
  • There are exceptions among reciprocating compressors.
  • These are axial units for car air conditioners.
Features of screw chillers.

Installations based on screw compressors usually have medium and high power. In their production, oil seals are not used, which has a better effect on the operation process. Usually, during installation for such systems, horizontal oil-filled compressor units with two rotors are used. Screw compressor systems came into use much later than those working with reciprocating units. Now it is being regularly improved, which makes it more convenient to use. For example, there is the possibility of stepwise or smooth adjustment of work, which is an undoubted advantage of such an invention.

Screw compressors are distinguished by the following criteria:
  • Tightness level: open (using glands), semi-hermetic (without glands), sealed.
  • Number of rotors: single-rotor, double-rotor.
  • Principle of operation: oil-filled and working on the principle of dry compression.
  • Rotor position: horizontal and vertical.
Benefits of using screw chillers

Today, screw compressor systems are used almost everywhere. They are built into shock freezing chambers, industrial refrigerators, and are widely used in many industries. Such devices have a number of clear advantages, due to which they are increasingly chosen:

  • Various modification options.
  • Low noise level.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Easy installation and no problems during maintenance.
  • High performance.

The product catalog "Smart Trading" presents screw chillers in various configurations. Among the products you can find equipment that meets exactly your requirements. Professional consultants will help you choose high-quality goods and choose the most profitable option.