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Puff Machine Chillers

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Puff Machine Chillers

Global Chiller Industries is one of the leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Puff Chiller Machine. A puff chiller machine is nothing but a multi-purpose equipment which is used to produce various grain based consumables like puffed rice, health mix products, rice flakes etc. We are the best Puffs chiller Machine Manufacturer in India.

Our Air Steam Puffing Machine retains the original taste, nutrition and color of wheat, rice, maize, millet and other grains. It is the most suitable puffing machine for rice, wheat, corn and many other grain foods.

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Since ancient times, puffed rice etc. have been made in easy and simple ways, such as making popcorn using sand, etc. However, following technological advances, in modern times, puffed grains are produced using high temperature, pressure or extrusion in puffs chiller machine.

Most people prefer to eat puffed cereals with sugar or salt to taste. The homogeneous batter is mixed with commercial products such as flakes, corn, and corn pops. It is then formed into shape before toasting or extrusion. Health experts recommend consuming plain puffed rice as it loses its valuable nutrition by adding ingredients to it.

Buffed cereals are quite popular as breakfast cereals, and are similar to rice cakes. It is a well known fact that the puffing factor of rice is much higher, and hence the final product is more homogeneous in nature.

A puff chiller machine generally accepts wheat, rice, corn and other grains as raw materials to produce its puffed versions with different shapes such as onion rings, wavy chips, spirals, etc. This type of snack pellets can be made by drying, frying, crispy and delicious cereals.