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Micro Brewery Chiller

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Micro breweries often start with the dream of producing an innovative and unique premium beer. Our craft beer coolers can make that dream a reality.

We pride ourselves on designing the best possible micro brewery Chillers on the market. From small brewing systems from 3 to 500 barrels, micro brewery Chillers are a critical part of the brewing process.

Temperature control

Temperature control is very important when making high quality beer. Taste and consistent taste are the two most important factors in building customer loyalty. Creating great, consistent flavor depends on how well you maintain the right temperature during fermentation.

Low Temperature Chiller

Temperature control is important, but the brewing process also requires lower temperatures than temperatures normally required for other applications. To achieve this low temperature, we recommend a brewery glycol chiller that uses propylene glycol or a mixture of ethylene glycol and water.

There are many options to consider when choosing an appropriate cooling system for a craft brewery. Knowing about these options is a good way to start. The Temperature Company offers the following solutions:

  • Indoor air-cooled chiller with pump and standard glycol tank assembly.
  • An external air-cooled chiller with pump and standard brine tank is configured according to local winter environmental conditions.
  • Indoor or outdoor unit with large independent brine tank, pre-installed cooling pump.
  • An internal heat exchanger to separate chiller glycol from the plant water system.
  • In a dual pump system, the tank farm requires more glycol flow than the normal cooling flow.
Usage/Application Food, Pharmaceutical, Plastic and Rubber, Chemical Industry
Voltage 230 V
Phase Three Phase
Country of Origin Made in India
Tonnage 1 ton-100 ton
Brand Global
Material Mild Steel
Inverter Technology Yes