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Dyno Mill

Dyno Mill

The Dyno Mill is an agitating ball mill consisting of a horizontal grinding vessel for dispersion and fine wet grinding in a completely enclosed system. The dyno mill is appropriate for a wide range of items from low to exceptionally gooey pumpable items. Uniquely designed stirring circles, symmetrically mounted on a pole, exchange the vitality required for scattering and wet granulating to the round crushing globules. An external pump feeds the product into the mill. Best Dyno mills chillers suppliers in delhi.

Dyno mills are available in a variety of designs and sizes, providing the ideal size for every application, from small laboratory models to large factories and manufacturing plants. The mill equipment, materials and grinding bead separation system can be adapted to the individual needs of each application.

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The expertise and experience required to handle these chillers, availability of critical components indigenously, applications of these chillers etc. are issues that have been least answered by other manufacturers so far. Global, clearly understanding all these issues, manufactures a range of these chillers, ranging from 10 tr to 400 tr with both DX and flooded evaporator - to achieve high COP - with a dedicated team of professionals. With a team that specializes in maintaining these machines as a whole - from designing to manufacturing and testing to commissioning and after-sales-service - so that these superior machines get the attention they deserve. Global Chillers is the best dyno mills manufacturer in India.