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Global Refrigeration Equipment Company is one of the leading brine chillers supplier in India, offering high quality brine chillers plant. Brine chillers are the solution when the cooling medium is water containing glycol. In this case, a lower liquid temperature is required or glycol must be added to the cold water to prevent freezing. Our system ensures a continuous supply of propylene glycol cooled to -25°C / +7°C. Glycol can also be used, but it cannot be used in applications where the glycol circuit may come into contact with food. The brine chiller can be equipped with an integrated air cooling condenser or work with an air cooling condenser or a remote evaporating condenser. These can be used not only for outdoor installations, but also for indoor installations in engine rooms.

Installed compressors are:

  • Flow rate (up to 100 kW) and medium brine temperature (brine discharge temperature: +7 °C) for small applications
  • Semi-sealed suitable for medium and low temperature applications (salt water supply temperature: -15°/+7°)
  • Optional semi-closed stage 2 for very low temperatures (-25°/-15°C) and excellent energy efficiency
  • Semi-closed screw compressors for large equipment and medium and low temperatures

Our Brine Chillers are equipped with a special regulating mechanism to ensure continuous and smooth operation even at an ambient temperature of -20°C. The chilled brine pump system and storage tank can be installed inside the unit or assembled individually into a compact metal base for easy installation. The pumping system can be a single loop circuit or it can be configured with a primary loop and a secondary loop to better regulate cooling requirements and save significant energy.

Mixed brine filling system

For many applications, an automatic brine mix filling system is recommended. The system provides for the storage of a mixture of glycol and pre-prepared water to replenish the circuit with the amount of liquid lost manually or automatically. It also detects liquid leaks due to abnormal pressure drop and sounds an alarm.

Ambient Temperature Upto -20 Deg C
Compressor Stage 2 Stage
Refrigerant Used R-134a / R-404A
Body Material Mild Steel
Country of Origin Made in India
Usage/Application Chemical process plants,anodizing/electroplating plants,laboratory applications etc.
Capacity 5 TR
Brand Global