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Global Refrigeration Equipment Company is one of the leading blowing machine chiller manufacturers in India, offering high quality blowing machine chiller. This machine is a fully automatic blow molding machine developed to blow PET bottles under 2 liters. Fully automatic performing and epitaxial forming mechanisms improve work efficiency and provide accurate results. In addition, the raw materials are completely free from contamination and damage during transportation. A unique locking system automatically transfers the feeding process. The entire gripper is driven by a servo motor and is mechanically linked.

For PET blow molding, stretch blow molding machine with heating is the second part of the bottle making process. They load the fully cooled performer into a rotating circle, heat it to blow the temperature through the kiln section, wait a short time for equilibrium, then dispense it into the bottles and blow.


  • The most stable and advanced microcomputer PLC control system is used to make the high-speed operation stable and precise.
  • The production process is fully automated, with the advantages of low investment, high efficiency, convenient operation, easy maintenance and safety.
  • Flexible production volume, various types of bottles, wide range of use, to meet customer needs.
  • There are two working modes, manual and automatic, controlled by human-machine interface and easy to operate.
  • Servo transmission system, high positioning accuracy, stable speed, excellent reliability.
  • The rejection rate of finished bottles is less than 0.2%.
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