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Cooling Anodizing Chiller

Anodizing is the process of applying a protective or decorative film to a metal surface. Most often, aluminum parts are anodized, which are immersed in sulfuric acid to form an oxide coating. We are the best anodizing chiller supplier in India.

The thickness and quality of the oxide layer depend on the duration of the anodizing process, which is determined by the degree of electrolyte cooling. Hard anodizing is carried out, as a rule, at low temperatures, which is used to protect the metal surface from corrosion under the influence of an aggressive environment. It is used in the manufacture of parts that experience strong friction or corrosive effects during operation. Thick-layer anodizing is performed only at low electrolyte temperatures - from 0 - 10 C. This temperature regime makes it possible to obtain a film with a thickness of at least 25 microns.

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Due to self-heating, the temperature of sulfuric acid can increase significantly, reducing the film thickness by more than 10 times. To avoid this, the electrolyte in the sulfuric acid bath must be continuously cooled with the help of an intermediate coolant, which enters there through steel or lead coils. In modern refrigeration units this work is done by chillers - refrigeration units, which are a system of pipes through which the refrigerant moves.

Global Refrigeration & Equipments offers high-performance chillers for cooling anodizing baths. Their technical characteristics allow them to work effectively even in aggressive environments. At the request of the customer, the standard coil pipe (coil) can be replaced with a special heat exchanger, which allows to increase the productivity of the unit and reduce its energy consumption.