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About Global Refrigeration & Equipments

We were founded in 2000 as a sole proprietor in New Delhi (Delhi, India). We are a global refrigeration equipment company that manufactures, exports and wholesales all types of industrial chillers, CO2 tanks, water chillers, chillers and alternatives. Cooler. Products like air coolers are highly praised in the market for their low power consumption, sturdy construction, low maintenance and durability. Under the vision of Ankur Narula (CEO), we have been able to respond effectively to the various needs of our customers.

Located in Delhi, the capital of India and the center of all our business activities, our organization is growing rapidly. We are led by a founder with many years of experience in this market. Due to their strong business understanding and continued drive, we aim to provide a high level of customer satisfaction by providing efficient, high quality products and services at competitive prices.

The latest technology and innovation are the watchwords of companies that have an outstanding presence in the global market. In the fierce competition, the range of these products is very narrow, and we attach great importance to product innovation. Our R&D department carries out continuous and intensive research to improve existing technology and integrate advanced technical features into our products.

Customization :-

Personalization is very important to survive in today's competitive market environment. With a well-equipped infrastructure and a team of talented, experienced and dedicated employees, you can customize heat exchangers, chillers, condensers and other products.

In addition to these products, customization such as water chillers and plate heat exchangers are also possible. To meet your exact needs, our team works closely with you and designs your products accordingly.

Through the effective customization provided, we have opened a niche for ourselves in the domestic and international markets.

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