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20 MT Liquid Carbon Dioxide Tanks

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We have become a world renowned organization involved in manufacturing commendable ranges of Liquid Carbon Dioxide Tanks. The tank is expertly designed to help store carbon dioxide. Suitable for gas storage, the minimum temperature is -20 degrees Celsius, and the pressure is 20g/cm2. The offered products are in high demand in the market for their quality, operational efficiency and long service life.


  • Pressure reducing station with bypass line. The PRV can provide constant pressure on the downstream side regardless of pressure changes on the upstream side.
  • It is equipped with a pressure gauge and a pressure switch which automatically controls the tank pressure by operating the CO cooling unit.
  • The differential pressure liquid level indicator shows the level of the mmWC column. Tables are provided for each system to determine the amount of liquid available in kilograms.
  • A load cell weighing system for determining the amount of floating liquid in kg.
  • The gas flow indicator and DP type accumulator can also be connected to the tank outlet line to calculate the gas volume.
  • The temperature gauge indicates the temperature of the liquid and the pressure circuit maintains the pressure in the tank.
  • The cooling unit control panel operates when the pressure exceeds a set limit to limit steam loss. It consists of an electrical control circuit and other devices that automatically open when needed.
  • Safety valves are provided, each having sufficient exhaust capacity to expel gas during extreme pressure surges. Isolation valves are used for routine inspection and testing of safety valves.
  • The vaporizer plant maintains constant CO vapor throughout the process gas consumption.
  • The 200th PUF is equipped with an insulation aluminum sheet barrier.
  • The entire system is robust and compact, with easy access to components and maintenance.
Lowest Storing Temperature -20 degree centigrade
Country of Origin Made in India
Max Pressure 20g/cm2
Orientation Horizontal
Capacity 20 MT
Material Steel
Brand Global
Storage Material Liquid Carbon Dioxide